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msuenggas's Journal

Missouri State University English TA Forum
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Welcome to the Missouri State University TA’s Forum. This is primarily the child of a few conversations I had with fellow new TAs who are also in 603. We figured that if we have to write journal entries anyway about our experiences teaching for the first time, we might as well do it in a format that would allow us to share it with each other and keep us motivated to actually get them done. So here it is. Feel free to post any reactions or experiences related to being a TA that you think is funny, interesting and helpful, or any other reason you think of to post it. The only people who will be having access to this are the people in the community themselves, so don’t worry about outsiders ear-dropping. Most of us will be using this strictly as a place to post our 603 journal entries; however, it is not limited to that. Use it to vent. Use it to reflect. Whatever. Peace.

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